Center of Counselling Psychology and Hypnotherapy


Loupescou Center is an institute of counselling psychology, hypnotherapy, applications of Feng Shui and psychometry. It is headed by Ms Aggil Loupescou, intuitive and clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist and metaphysical researcher.


Aggil Loupescou, a charismatic person, endowed with rare intuitive and telepathetic skills and power, founded her first consulting firm named Loupescou Consultants (Counseling & Hypnotherapy) in 1980 in Athens.

She founded the “Scientific Society for Psychological Research” in 1985 and began to teach the method of hypnosis at the Hypnotherapy School of Loupescou Center. At the same time, she collaborated with the medical team of the Leipzig University Clinic, headed by the famous Greek neurosurgeon professor George Panagiotopoulos, on the detection of illnesses that had no clinical symptoms.

She has been pursuing research into the detection of diseases through hypnosis with physician Nikos Tsilimigakis in the Center for Bioenergy and Biomedicine in Glyfada since 1990. At the same time, she expanded her activities in Cyprus, London, Moscow, Lebanon and Thessaloniki.

Ms Loupescou is the president of the Psychological Research Society of Greece, member of the London Psychological Research Society and the US National Guild of Hypnotists.


Loupescou Center provides

  1. Personal appointments for the profession, careers, emotional, family and social relationships, personal problems related to marriage, anxiety, phobias, panic, weight loss, bulimia, anorexia, smoking addiction, alcoholism and addictive substances, analysis of dreams and past life.
  2. Seminars of hypnotherapy and intuitive hypnosis with demonstration, application and practice. Using hypnotherapy, it can be handled anxiety, phobias, obsessive thoughts, panic, insomnia, overweight, bulimia, anorexia, smoking, alcoholism, lack of erotic desire, erotic anxiety, professional intercourse worries, and social, family, emotional and professional relations. Intuitive hypnosis prevents of illnesses, detects crimes, resolves family problems, finds missing persons, evaluates commercial contracts, detects the negative energy of persons and solves problems due to acts or omissions of previous lives.
  3. Seminars on marriage, interpersonal relationships, the success of relaxation through hypnotherapy techniques, intuitive knowledge, retrospectives, karma, dream analysis, Feng Shui for family happiness, professional success, economic prosperity and health, and psychometry.
  4. Lectures on Psychology and Metaphysics.